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"On The Road To Recovery" - "Hello! I love your ebook and the information in it, it is helping me on the road to recovery. I found that the shampoo and conditioner I use has some of the nonos..."

Jenna Rose, USA

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"Almost Completely Gone Now" - "Dear Mia, I want to thank you for helping my 74 year old father. He's bed-ridden in a home and has always suffered from bad scalp psoriasis.

The nurses washed his scalp every day with medicated washes and shampoos to avoid contamination from resistant viruses etc. Then I read your ebook and discovered all this washing with stuff was making his psoriasis worse and unbearably itchy especially around his ears & his scalp which was red raw!

We took your advice and I wanted to let you know that Dad's psoriasis is almost completely gone now just a little redness left where it's healing. The most important thing though was that it stopped the itching that was driving him crazy so he could be comfortable again!"

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"Enabled me to stop the itching and get rid of my scaly dandruff."

"......It wasn't till I read your ebook I realized that my extremely itchy scalp and dandruff wasn't coming from me and not just something I had to put up with or had to keep treating.

"It was very liberating to know I could stop this nasty affliction. Understanding what was really going on enabled me to stop the itching and get rid of my scaly dandruff.

"My hair is even getting a bit thicker on top. Keep spreading the word! Thanks Mia.

Henri Joubert, Johannesburg, SA

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Only $77 $27 With Lifetime Access